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Meeting summary, class ideas, questions about anniversary

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to all interested,

here's the summary.

Meeting went well, except for me having to chase everyone down. I now have almost everyone's paperwork. Shane from Grossmont is willing and able to do the arts office position.

Meetings from now will be Friday at 7pm starting 1/18. We will probably be meeting in the Aztec Ctr, downstairs.

Demos: most people seem to have Friday available. I am scheduling a demo for Feb 2 starting at 10a. I plan on getting part of the library walk (the grass area that's closest to the bookstore).

I need feedback from people about postponing.
I'm not sure if the college can pull off an event this March. We've got about 2 months to plan, and only 3 weeks before the Crown Prints deadline. We can either postpone the event till April, May or even Sept/Oct. Or a year from March. I will talk to Illora about event requirements.

Class ideas: (If you have any to add, please do. Names are people who offered to teach.) I am looking for people who can teach or provide a location for any of the ideas below. The x indicates interest from other members.

How to make a t tunic

calligraphy and illumination class/workshop x

What to take to your first war or tourney (Brimm, Erasmus)

How to make a coif (for rapier or heavies) (Avenel)

How to make a rapier doublet x

Rapier 101
(Avenel) xxx

Dutch Oven cooking (Avenel) xx

Heraldry101 (picking a name/device) (Avenel)

Chivalry in the Middle ages and the SCA x

Bardic 101 (Brimm, Erasmus) x

Beginning chainmail (Erasmus)

Dance practice

Drumming class x

Social event ideas:

movie night (at someone's house or the theater) xx

ice cream/pizza social x

massive sewing session x

craft/project night x

nerd pilgrimage in garb

coffee/tea house/pub crawl xx

bardic circle (Brimm) x

fighter practice (heavies or rapier) xxxx

In Service to the Dream,

What's your fancy today?:
busy busy
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