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meeting this sun at fighter practice 1/7/2007 12:30p

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There will be a St. Isidore meeting at fighter practice on Sunday. We need to figure out best day to hold meetings, schedule a demo, pick an St. Isidore tourney date. I'd like to know what kinds of stuff people want to learn, social activities people are interested in.

Possible class ideas:
How to make a t tunic
Calligraphy and illumination
What to take to your first war or tourney
How to make a coif (for rapier or heavies fighting)
How to make a rapier doublet
Rapier 101
Dutch oven cooking 101
Heraldry 101 (picking a name and a device)
Chivalry in the Middle ages and the SCA

possible social activities:

movie night (at someone's house)
ice cream/pizza social
movie night at a theater
massive sewing session
craft/project night
nerd pilgrimage in garb
coffee/tea house pub crawl
dance practice
fighter practice (heavies or rapier)

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